Introverted leaders will change the world

Honoring your inner beauty and self-worth is the foundation of building a meaningful brand.

It’s your time to be heard.

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In a world full of people who are loud or pushy to gain attention, you’re different.

You’re a great listener, but you find it hard to speak up.

You see beyond the surface of people and situations, but you’re afraid of being seen and stepping out into in the spotlight.

You’ve have a strong intuitive sense, but you’re unclear on your own value and voice.

You’re a quiet, compassionate soul who wants to stand out without changing who you are.


Within your quiet voice lives your Greatness.

Everything you need is inside.

I’m here to help you bring your gifts to light. To help you get clear, trust your voice and build your brand.

Your quiet voice needs be heard.

It’s time to make your big impact.

Does this sound familiar?

:: You’re tired of people making assumptions about you for being quiet. Like you are aloof, anti-social or even a b*tch.

:: You take things personally. If someone doesn’t like something you shared, you take that as someone not liking or approving of you as a person.

:: You struggle with how to market yourself. You don’t like feeling as if I have to put on an extrovert show and work the room when you’re better at one-on-one or small groups. You struggle with how much to share online. You push yourself to be more open, but always assume most people aren’t particularly interested in you personally.

:: You worry what you have to offer is not good enough, your skills, branding and how you show up. You want to feel more confident with your voice and value, but you don’t know how.

:: You delete your posts online when you get no love, no likes, no comments.

:: You struggle being consistent with putting yourself out there. You want to keep building your visibility, but it takes so much energy to keep up. Some days you just want to hide. Finding that balance of building momentum and giving yourself needed downtime to recharge your energy is a challenge.

:: You struggle with feeling like a fraud. You deal with that critical voice in your head that says you have no right to share your message or be seen and that other people will say the same.

:: It feels scary and even painful to share your voice and be more visible because of your deep fears of being criticized and judged. You know you need to find a better way to feel safe to share your gifts with the world.

I totally get it because I’ve been there

That’s why I created Quiet Voice, Big Impact, a soulful branding experience for introverted leaders.

I’m your personal guide to navigate the branding process, so you avoid overwhelm and feel purposeful. The goal is to help you build a brand that feels like a natural extension of who you truly are and ultimately serves your dream clients.

Introverted leaders are being called to step out into the spotlight because they are meant to empower women from the inside out, not tear them down with the superficial messages seen in our mainstream society.

And building your brand in a way that honors your quiet voice is how you begin making a big impact.


Quiet Voice, Big Impact is an 8-week course designed to help introverted leaders own your voice, trust your instincts, build your brand and serve the people you are meant to serve.


Quiet Voice, Big Impact is not like any other branding course for that reason

Here, we tune into your unique voice and help you stand for who you are at the core. This is about owning the beauty of who you are on the inside and using it as your foundation to share your voice and message with the world.

You are meant to create a brand that stands for something greater than you. One that is based on truth, beauty and love.

Through this eight-week course, you’ll gain:

:: Clarity for your voice and brand message, the foundation for your marketing materials including your social media and website.

:: A soulful step-by-step strategy to build a brand that naturally attracts your dream clients, so your inbox is overflowing with ideal inquiries

:: Confidence to promote your brand in way that’s effective and true to YOU. With this new level of confidence, imagine all the lifelong goals you’ve wanted to accomplish, like speaking, collaborating with people you admire and getting recognized as an expert in your industry.

I help introverted leaders like you own your quiet voice and fierce power to create brands that make a big impact.

Jennifer’s expertise and soul-centered approach to branding / marketing / design has helped me awaken my voice, get clarity on the purpose of StyleChurch, and create an impactful, beautiful and stylish brand that aligns with who I am and how I am meant to serve. Jennifer has been a blessing and I would definitely recommend her to those who are ready to commit to building a successful and meaningful brand from the inside out. Say yes!”


I feel confident, capable and ready to lead my biz with purpose, clarity and grace. With the knowledge that I am powerful, loved and supported just as I am, I feel stronger and more confident. I really enjoyed the process of looking deep and creating a solid intuitive foundation to my brand. This has allowed me to greatly increase the ease I feel around my business and serving my clients because my brand truly feels like an extension of self. My brand can succeed organically. All entrepreneurs should take this journey with Jenn to create a sustainable, authentic and impactful brand. Honestly you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Who This Course Is For

:: Introverted leaders who need clarity, confidence and genuine support to create authentic brands that feel true to your voice.

:: Heart-centered entrepreneurs with quiet voices who need help connecting with dream clients in a way that doesn’t feel fake or forced.

:: Soulful leaders who want to transform lives by spreading their unique message of inner beauty.

This Course May Be Not For You If…

:: You expect quick results. Creating a meaningful and impactful brand is an organic process that takes time, personal commitment and consistent, purposeful action.

:: You have a negative attitude and are not open to learning and growing. This course will benefit those who are interested in self-growth, and who are genuine and willing to support others.

:: You are not willing to fully commit to your own success and do your best.

What’s included?

:: Lifetime Access

:: Weekly Modules in video, audio and “Work-It” sheet PDFs

:: Weekly Live Mastermind-Style Video Q&A Calls (super fun and interactive)

:: “Quiet Voice. Big Impact” Private Facebook Group

What we cover in each module:

Part I: Soul-Centered Foundation helps you get clear on your unique voice, value and strengths as an introvert.

Module 1: Your Beauty:
Owning the Essence of Your Worth

:: Honor your value

:: Recognize your strengths as an introvert

:: Learn how to trust your inner voice

:: Honor the wholeness of your inner beauty

Module 2: Your Role:
Honoring Your Brand as Your Calling, and You as a Leader

:: Trust yourself to lead your own successful brand

:: Promote yourself in a way that feels true to you

:: Connect and be comfortable in the spotlight

:: Discover your “why” and greater mission while being supported by something greater than yourself

Then, breathe. It’s break time.

Integration Week, Time To Sync In:
Bridging Between Soul & Strategy

:: Integration and reflection time to honor your energy and progress

:: Surprise Bonus

Once you’ve done the valuable inner work, we move into strategy.

Part II: Heart-Centered Strategy.

Module 3: Your Bridge:
Activating Your Vision

:: Take what’s in your heart and create practical action steps to build your brand

:: Attract your dream clients by helping them to reach their ideal transformation

:: Gain clarity on your value and brand positioning

:: Use your personal life experiences to strengthen your brand

Module 4: Your Connection:
Creating Community Through Genuine Connection

:: Naturally connect with your dream clients with confidence

:: Build a genuine community without feeling forced or pushy

:: Find your dream clients

:: Communicate your value naturally in person and in writing

:: Use your strengths as an introvert to deeply serve your ideal clients

Module 5: Your Plan:
Creating A Clear Brand Strategy With Soul

:: Create a purposeful brand guide to use as your foundation for building your brand

:: Create a clear promotional brand strategy with soul

:: How to know which inspired ideas to take action on and the steps to take

Module 6: Your Voice:
Promoting yourself in your own beautiful way

:: Create your own beautiful body of work that creates impact and genuine connection

:: Redefine self-promotion to feel true to you

:: Express your message with style, based on your own creativity and passion

:: Create visual content to share on the best social media platforms for you

Module 7: Your Offering:
Creating A Beautiful Offering That Transforms Lives

:: Create a special offering that attracts your dream clients and makes a positive impact on their lives

Then it’s party time.

Bonus Week: Your Accomplishments:
Celebrating Your Progress

:: Sharing your wins with the group

At the end of our eight weeks together, you’ll:

:: be more clear about the value you bring

:: be more confident to share your brand because it will feel like a natural extension of you

:: have an inspired brand strategy that easily attracts your dream clients

:: know your worth, so you get paid well with your special offerings

:: be a part of a kind and supportive community of like-minded quiet souls


“Working with Jennifer was magical. I have more confidence and ease communicating my value with my own voice. I am more strategic in voicing my value in a way that feels true to me. I am excited to serve and make an impact because my brand now looks and feels like a natural extension of my heart. My brand is high touch and high impact. I have more momentum with my business. I just got 3 new clients and am effortlessly attracting more of my dream clients.


“Through my work with Jennifer, I became more confident talking about my business and my brand. I felt more connected to my brand and my clients. I became fully invested in my work and my clients. Now, my brand and my vision for my business is definitely much clearer. I even increased my income 40%! I gained clarity and laser-focus on the important parts of my business. I learned to stay connected to understand my clients in a deeper way. Jennifer is present, really kind and approachable, which makes the whole process really easy and delightful.”

Get 18 Years of Branding Experience in 8 Weeks

You can spend hours upon hours trying to DIY your own brand, piecemealing everything you find online. You can spend tons of money on books, courses and hiring professionals trying to figure out how to build a brand you believe in. This can be overwhelming, expensive and super time-consuming. It can feel like a bunch of formulas you “should” follow, but they don’t feel quite right in your heart. You can listen to other’s advice, but no one can tap into your inner voice except you.


You could hire a life coach to help you tap into your voice and move through mental blocks: $4000

You could hire a copywriter to help you communicate your voice and value: $4000

You could hire a business coach to create a custom brand strategy: $5000+

You could hire a designer to help you communicate your visual brand: $3000

= $16,000 + your valuable time and energy


But no one can define your voice and value the way you can.

This course is about helping you uncover your voice to build a brand that feels like a reflection of you and your value. It teaches you how to trust your own instincts, to create a soulful brand and strategy that feel right and attract your dream clients.

Because at the end of the day? You already have the inner guidance you need to express your voice and brand.

My role is to guide you through this branding process. With my 18 years of branding, marketing and design experience, I help you step-by-step to create a brand that feels like a natural extension of who you are at the core and that easily attracts your dream clients.

My goal is to help you shorten your learning curve and enjoy your creative process. I’ll save you the frustration and headache of trying to do this all on your own. You save valuable time, energy and money so you can confidently share the immense value of your quiet voice and serve your dream clients.

Creating your own brand can feel easy and true to who you are

Join me on this 8-week branding experience and gain the power to create your brand based on who you are on the inside and the confidence to share your value and attract your dream clients.

I will guide you every step of the way so you feel deeply supported and safe to express your quiet voice. Plus, you will be supported by a like-minded, genuine group of introverted leaders who want to see you succeed.


Your investment = $667/month for 3 months

(Pay in full: $1797)

(25 spots available)


VIP Upgrade Option:

Private 1-hour 1:1 coaching with me each month during the course.

(Only 3 spots available)

Your investment = $897/month for 3 months

(Pay in full: $2497)


If you’re ready to make YOUR big impact, click the button below to join us:

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Jennifer helped me find ME first before sharing it. I now know who I AM. My energy is more aligned to the essence of who I truly am on the inside. I have a clear vision of how I want to feel and how my brand should feel – like ME. Jennifer helped me realize that the calls of my heart are where my true value lies. She helped me fine-tune my value so I can apply it to my success moving forward. I really loved feeling out the vibe of my brand. I found that very exciting and inspiring just to think about. I love Jenn’s guidance. Her words are seriously wise and profound.”


“Prior to working with Jennifer, I’ve been stuck on how I want my brand to feel and look. I wasn’t sure how to fully express my ideas. I just couldn’t get the essence of my vision to connect as well as I didn’t know how to integrate my poetry with my brand. However, through working with Jennifer, not only I’ve been able to get clearer and deeply grounded on my message and brand, I get to express it in a soulful and poetic way. I was able to fully express who I am without leaving any part of me behind. This gave me the confidence to move courageously forward in expressing all that I AM in my brand while reaching out to others with my message.

Plus, you’ll get these Bonus Perks with your QVBI Membership:

I’ve taken the guesswork out to make things easy for you. These special bonuses will jumpstart your creative process so you can take inspired action now and start making a big impact on all those dream clients you are meant to serve.


:: An Introvert’s Guide To Preparing For Soulful Success:
Goal Setting, Self-Care and Time Management Tips

:: Branding Quick Start Guide:

Recommended Resources to Build Your Brand Now
(Best Recs For Technology, Marketing, Legal and Mindset)

:: Cheat Sheets to help you with:



Speaking events

Instagram Challenges


Getting Published on The Huffington Post

:: Spirit of STYLE eBook

To help you build your strong personal presence through your own soulful style

 plus a Bonus “Spirit of Style” live group call to help you build your own strong brand presence and soulful style.

Plus Real-Time Support:

:: Pre-Session Q&A on branding and design

:: Pop-Up One-on-One Coaching

:: Mindset Support throughout the course with Jaleh Zandieh, Creator of Hip Hop Meditation

Jaleh is a conscious, heart-centered speaker & facilitator who mentors women how to take care such exquisite care of their hearts that they become radiant, magnetic leaders of their passion project & businesses.

Her international Brilliant Heart Mastermind & Hip Hop Meditation signature systems are currently helping women and girst from over 24 countries “stop giving from the cup, but give from the overflow” as they tune into their unique zones of genius and shine.


The Introvert Behind QVBI

Hi, I’m Jennifer Dawn Gabiola. I created “Quiet Voice. Big Impact.” because I felt called deep in my heart to use my 41 years of life experience and 18 years of branding and design experience to help fellow introverts share their voice and build their brand in a way that feels true to them and the people they are meant to serve.

You are meant own their quiet voice and fierce power so you can build a brand that make a big impact.

To me, branding is so much more than self-promotion. It’s your calling. It’s a sacred gift you are called to share with the world. I approach this process in a soulful way, working from the inside out.

Through my own challenges, I learned to go beyond the external and truly value the gifts we have on the inside. I had a successful 12-year career in branding and design. I thought I had it all. At least on the outside. But deep down, I felt emptiness, like something was missing. I asked for a sign and I got it big time. I lost my career. I was also diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I felt like I lost everything that made me who I was.

But life showed me who I truly was on the inside. I took some time and dug deep. I let go and trusted in something greater than myself. I eventually connected with who I am, beyond all of the things on the outside. I connected with my own worth and inner beauty.

Fast-forward six years. I am grateful to be able to serve my dream clients through my business, Dawning Soul. I specialize in helping leaders in the beauty and fashion industry create their own personal beauty brands that stand out and make a positive impact. I also offer inspiration through my poetic apparel collection to help women radiate their true inner beauty.

I’ve learned it all begins on the inside. And I’m here to help you share your calling from the inside out.

Much love,




“Jennifer truly delivers exceptional design and strategic brand coaching support. I always look forward to our Skype coaching calls each week and feel empowered and refreshed afterwards. With Jennifer’s support, I am creating an authentic brand that communicates my passion for being a true leader of beauty, helping my clients to look and feel beautiful from the inside out.


What will I receive through this course? ▾

1. Clarity in your voice and brand so you can transform lives. This level of clarity will be the foundation for all your marketing materials including your social media and website.

2. Confidence to promote your brand in a genuine way as an introvert. With this new level of confidence, imagine all those lifelong goals you’ve always wanted to accomplish, like speaking, collaborating with people you admire and getting recognized as an expert in your industry.

3. Soulful strategy based on a step-by-step action plan to create your authentic brand that naturally attracts your dream clients, so your inbox is overflowing with ideal inquiries.

How much time will I need each week to do the coursework? ▾

Everyone works at their own pace, but dedicating four to six hours a week is recommended to get the most from this course.

All of the course materials are recorded. You’ll have access to the content and coaching calls for the life of the course.

Is there a payment plan? ▾

Yes, for the 8-week course, you can either pay in full or in (3) installments of $667 each for 3 months.

You can upgrade to the VIP option where you can pay in full or in in (3) installments of $897 each for 3 months.

If I don’t consider myself as a leader, can I benefit from this course? ▾

Absolutely. This course focuses on leading yourself first and foremost. You will learn to trust your inner voice and inner guidance so you can lead yourself and your own brand. You define what leadership means to you. To lead others, you must first lead yourself. This course helps you gain the confidence you need to share your brand and lead in your own way.

As an introvert, what kind of big impact can I expect from doing this course? ▾

Your quiet voice has innate strength and power. In your own way, you can create big impact. You have the ability to positively change lives with your unique message and passion. This course is designed for you to use your strengths as an introvert and create a beautiful and meaningful brand that fosters genuine connection, ultimately transforming the lives of your dream clients.

I’ve done similar branding courses before. How is this different? ▾

This course takes a holistic, inside-out approach integrating both soul & strategy. Through the course, we will get to the heart of your value and create an actionable plan to share your brand through your unique voice. I will help you to use your quiet voice to create a positive impact.


This All Sounds Good, But…

I don’t know if this is right for me. I’m very busy. I don’t know if have the time and the money right now.



It’s about investing in yourself.

There is never a perfect time. And money may be a real challenge. But this is about making a personal commitment to your success. I’ve found if you really want something, you’ll find a way. 

It’s normal to feel scared. Fear is a part of the process. It’s what you do with the fear that matters. Let your commitment to persevere override your fears.

I created this course to guide and support you through the entire process. My intention is to help you save time, energy and money trying to figure out how to build your brand on your own. With my 18 year background in branding and design, I will guide you, step-by-step, and provide compassionate support along the way. I help you build the foundation you need to create a brand that honors your quiet voice, attracts your dream clients and makes a big impact by transforming the lives you’re meant to serve.


Click below to join us.

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Giving Back


Your quiet voice will help others be heard around the globe.

A percentage of the course profits go toward providing education to young girls through the Malala Fund. 
Malala Yousafzai is a global advocate for millions of girls being denied a formal education because of social, economic, legal and political factors. She started the Malala Fund to bring awareness to the social and economic impact of girls’ education and to empower girls to raise their voices, to unlock their potential, and to demand change.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

A final note

If you feel moved to take part on this journey, to create your own soul-centered, beautiful brand, I look forward to taking the next steps together. I know it takes courage to step out on faith and share what’s in your heart.

To take the next step and go to the next level, I know you would be investing in yourself through me.

That’s a big deal.

If you commit to yourself on this journey, I am committed to empowering you to use your quietly beautiful voice to create big impact through your own inspiring brand.

The first step is always the hardest. To decide.

But if this feels right to you and you choose to invest in yourself, know all of life will support you to see your vision through.

Trust and believe that this is your time.


Much Love & Success,



Whether or not we move forward together, I wish you so much love and success. I’d love to share one of my personal poems with you to help inspire you on your journey.


Here’s one of my favorite personal poems to encourage you to trust your heart.



This is not me

The one who I have always known and created a polished self image for

This is the mask taken off

This is the face of certainty, of truth

Of whom I have known and felt, but never have shared with the world

Now is my time

Now there is no fear, shame or worry left

The drape has been pulled wide open

Revealing what is, and what shall always be

Me, my Soul

My Spirit

My Eternity


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